How to guarantee that plastic surgery outside US will go well?

Right off the bat, I must say that there are no guarantees that your cosmetic procedure will go perfect in the US.  After all it is a complicated surgical procedure and anything can go wrong, and sometimes does.  The best thing to do is to make sure that you are in good health, that you are having a procedure that is appropriate for you, and you are in the hands of a board certified plastic surgeon who has lots of experience in that procedure.  There are thousands of cases of women who have traveled overseas to have their surgeries and not only did they have excellent procedures, they were blown away by the rock-star treatment they received.  All things being equal, I would say that if you can and have the funds to do so, better be close to your own home.  It just works out much better when you are in familiar settings.  And definitely you have a lot more legal protections here in America, plus, if something does go wrong in the middle of the surgery, the clinic has access to all the great hospitals in the country.  The other advantage is that after the surgery if something does go wrong or you are not happy with the results, the surgeon is available and corrective surgery can be done.  This is typically difficult when you went to a foreign country.

One of the biggest challenges when trying to travel to an overseas location is to find reliable and accurate information on surgeon’s accreditation.  In countries like Brazil and Mexico, it is much easier to find more information. In addition, some American doctors perform surgeries outside the US because many procedures approved in Europe are not always legal in America.

A point to consider is your options when something does go wrong. The process in America is straightforward – ask the surgeon to address it, if not, call an attorney, file a lawsuit, collect the settlement, and go on with your life. Such laws do not always exist in other countries and even if they do, they are hard to enforce, particularly by non-citizens, who may not speak the language, are in a hurry to leave, and may not have the patience to deal with the bureaucracy and red tape.

Abandon the idea that you will have a vacation while going under the knife because that is the image many plastic surgery vacation websites create. Most procedures have down time and you will be in pain and be swollen for days. It will take weeks before you can go back to regular activities and it may take months to fully heal from surgery. So as tempting as it might seem that right after the procedure you will be getting a tan on the beach and drinking margaritas, trust me, it is going to be hard to even get out of bed.  It is much better to focus on the surgery in this trip and take a vacation later on.