Is PopSugar Must Have bag worth it?

I just got my Pop Sugar MustHave bag. As you may know this is the sampling program from the Sugar Network (I love some of their blogs). The ads running on their blogs said that products will be hand selected by their editors and will included fashion, beauty and home items.   Well since I like some of their blogs I signed up although I thought the price was high.  Costing US$35 monthly, it is the most expensive of these services which are popping up every day.

Picture of the beauty products samples mailed to customers of Popsugar MustHave

Well today I got my bag.  You can see the picture and make your own opinion about the products. The products are:

  1. Body lotion and scrub by Body Drench. This is a brand sold in Spas. I think the quality is not superior to similar products sold in Target, Victoria’s Secret and other similar shops. The body lotion retails for about $8.00 and the scrub for about $6.00, for their price they are good products.
  2. Two energy bars (Kind bars). Really nice bars and retail for about $1.50 each.
  3. Two lip conditioner from Ilia. I do not know the brand, but they look nice. I was supposed to also get a nail polish, but instead I got two orders of these products (a total of 4 glosses). These products retails for about $24 each.
  4. I cannot say anything about the nail polish since I never got them. They retail for $16.00.
  5. A jute bag with their logo, the kind you bring to the supermarket for grocery shopping.

My review:  The bag was almost all beauty, not fashion, not home, as I was lead to believe. I am disappointed with the bag.  For $35.00 these products are not worthy to me, I may or may not like the lip stains and certainly I would not have bought four of them.  The only products I like are the energy bars, but the rest of the products are not to my taste. I am not saying that it is a bad service, I expected more creativity from the Sugar Network and better quality products in their launch bag.

I have already tried a few of the other beauty samples services: Birch Bag, Glossy Bag, Test Tub Beauty and Sample Society. I sadly have to say that this bag from the Sugar Network is by far my least favorite and I just canceled my subscription. Some people may love these products but I did not.

Update:  After reading a whole bunch of negative reviews online about this and learning that many subscribers were getting a refund, after a couple of emails to them, not only did I also get a refund but also cancelled my subscription.  I was hoping that a company with such aggressive marketing would do a great job of putting a high-value, desirable package together but in their very first bag they have disappointed.