Cheap alternative to breast augmentation

Every girl knows that using a pushup bra to create a cleavage can do wonders.  A padded bra also can be an amazing trick to get the look of a busty woman, though, many women find it deceptive and prefer not to use it.  With a push-up brassiere there is no deception and no fear that if something goes wrong with the gel inserts, it will be embarrassing.  Over the years, lingerie designers have created very sophisticated bras that can create impressive cleavages even for women with A cups.  While this is something women have known for a while and can thank the lingerie makers, we now have scientific evidence that merely wearing a pushup brassiere can enhance a woman’s self esteem and improve her body image.  Researcher Professor Geoff Beattie of Manchester University decided to study several attributes of women who were wearing a cleavage enhancing brassiereHe is so impressed with the findings of the study that he is boldly asking women to abandon the idea of breast augmentation and simply invest in a wardrobe of push up bras.

So what happens when a girl wears a push up bra?  According to women who were filmed while they were wearing a push up bra, they smiled more often.  Now, remember that without our realizing it, smiling is a sign of inner peace, comfort with ourselves, and symbol of high confidence.  These women also made more direct eye contact with men and women, they also stopped averting gazing.  You may realize that when you are feeling low or conscious of yourself, you are more likely to avoid eye contact and after a while you start looking into space.

Image of a girl trying on bras in the fitting room of Victoria's Secret lingerie store in the mall

And finally these women also stopped making other gestures indicative of women with low self esteem.  You may not realize that you are doing this, but when you do not feel on top of the world, you are more likely to stroke your chin or wipe your forehand or play with your fingers.  On the contrary, these women were more flirtatious and naughty.

The simple conclusion is that while breast implants will provide a more eye-catching look and the result will be permanent, if you do not have the funds to finance plastic surgery or are terrified by the idea of surgery, it might be as simple as hitting the lingerie shop, getting your bra size accurately measured, and then trying enough brassieres to buy the ones that fit you well and give your cleavage a boost.