New procedure for cheek lift

A black and white photo of a beautiful woman who shows off her face after a cheek lift surgery.

Midface suspension surgery, also commonly referred to as a cheek lift, surgically corrects sagging midface tissues and softens the hollows that appear just below the eyes. It can also diminish the nasolabial fold, the groove from the corner of the nose to the corner of the mouth that becomes more prominent with age.

Currently, most midface lifts are performed using suture-based techniques. Many surgeons do not perform this procedure because these sutures are cumbersome, technically challenging, and do not often provide satisfactory or predictable results. But a Miami plastic surgeon, is using a new medical device to perform minimally invasive cheek lift. The Endotine Midface, developed by Coapt Systems, is a bio-absorbable device designed to improve the aesthetic results of midface suspension for patients who would like to restore the natural cheek elevation and volume of their youth.

Often called “The Young Person’s Facelift,” the Endotine Midface procedure works best on younger patients in their 30s and 40s who may not yet be ready for a full traditional face lift, which is more invasive and requires considerable downtime. During the procedure, a tiny incision is made in the hairline. The surgeon uses a small endoscopic and special instruments to lift the delicate midface tissues off the cheekbones. The cheek is then elevated and firmly secured into its new position. The Endotine device uses multiple points of contact to grasp and hold tissue in its elevated position, providing the surgeon with the ability to adjust the device to ensure the elevation is appropriate and cheek volume and projection are optimal.

“Patients who choose to undergo cosmetic surgery are looking for a very natural end result and often express nervousness that it will be obvious to others that they have had cosmetic surgery,” says Dr. Krau. “Endotine Midface allows me to shape and secure the midface region to restore the patient’s youthful cheek elevation — in many cases taking several years of age off the face — without the need for a full face lift.”Recommended article: Sharon Osbourne looks great after a facelift