Supplements to take before cosmetic surgery

Photo of several herbal supplements in pill form.
Some herbal supplements can help boost the immune systems, give us more energy and make us generally healthier. While there is a lot of hype about many of these supplements, some do work while others are useless. However, according to latest research, many of these “harmless” supplements could cause dangerous side effects during plastic surgery. The study found approximately 55% of plastic surgery patients, compared to 24% of the general public, take supplements but often do not tell their surgeons. That means serious complications in some cosmetic surgery patients.

“When patients are asked about the medications they are taking, many do not mention medicinal herbs because they assume that they are safe,” said ASPS member James Bradley, MD, study co-author, University of California, Los Angeles. “What many unsuspecting patients don’t know is that the natural herbs they are taking may cause serious complications during and after surgery.” There is also a misunderstanding that supplements are not medicines – at least that is what the Food and Drug Administration likes thinks and refuses to regulate these products. But that does not mean that herbal supplements do not have any side effects or you should not share this information with your surgeon.

All 55% of plastic surgery patients who used herbal supplements took at least two different supplements and at least one on a daily basis. The most popular herbal supplements were chondroitin, ephedra, echinacea, and glucosamine.

“Patients should tell doctors about all of the medications they are taking – natural or prescribed. Only then can we safely suggest the appropriate discontinuation period, which can range from 24 hours to one month,” says Bradley. “Taking this precaution is essential to a safe surgery and smooth recovery.”

We have heard of similar cases with smoking. So my recommendation is that it is better to give more information to your surgeon than less. S/he will know what to use and what to ignore Recommended article: Risk of hematoma due to drugs