Wonders of cosmetic surgery

If you go under the knife, who will you tell (if that is not so obvious)? If your answer is that you will try to hide it – as many celebrities do – then you are in the minority. Four out of five people would not be embarrassed if anyone other than immediate family and close friends knew about any plastic surgery they’d had done. While younger people are somewhat more self-conscious about revealing they’d had work done, almost everyone in the 55 to 64 range claimed that they would have no misgivings whatsoever, according to a recent survey.

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Here are some other interesting findings if you are contemplating cosmetic surgery and want to know how others feel:

    The majority of people have not wavered on their attitude toward cosmetic surgery in the past five years. In other words, the world is divided into two groups. The ones that think it is fine and others who do talk about aging gracefully.
    Younger people are warming up to cosmetic enhancements.
    It doesn’t matter if you are married or single. Those who want it want it for themselves, not for their partner.
    At what age you most think of having some work done? Probably, between 55 and 64. After that, people tend to give up hope of any improvement.