Benefits of a mini facelift

It is interesting to note what a so-called mini face lift can do for a woman. Let us look at three cases from Plastic Surgery Services of Fredericksburg:

    Judy Grant, 54, of Ashburn in Loudoun County, Virginia, who took the step less than two weeks before remarrying. Dr. Howard Heppe performed a mini face lift and lower eyelid “pinch” surgery to tighten her sagging jowls and under eye skin. She says there has been a “dramatic difference” in her appearance.
    Cheryl Daniels, 46, of King George County, Virginia, who opted for partial facial procedures to turn back the aging process while minimizing downtime from work. Dr. L. Thomas Albert performed a mini face lift with neck liposuction . She says she returned to work in two days and now looks 10 years younger.
    Cathy Morris-Manke, 54, of Spotsylvania County, who took more comprehensive measures to improve her self-confidence. Dr. Harold Bautista performed a full face lift with lower eyelid surgery on Ms. Manke in March. “I felt so poorly about myself,” Ms. Manke explains. “Now, I can’t believe the difference.”

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A full face lift still produces the most dramatic results because it tightens skin in the cheeks, chin, jowls and neck. It is often performed in conjunction with forehead and eyelid surgery. But partial facial procedures can achieve significant yet natural-looking improvements. One major advantage of partial facial procedures is their shorter at-home recovery period. Mini face lift patients can return to work sooner than the one to two weeks required after a full face lift.

Partial facial procedures can include: mini face lifts (also known as short-scar face lifts, S-lifts and by various marketing terms); mid face lifts (cheek lifts); forehead lifts (brow lifts); neck lifts; eyelid surgery; and the Contour ThreadLift, which tightens moderate facial and neck sagging with the help of tiny threads inserted under the skin. If you have had a mini facelift, please share your story in our forum.