Australia plastic surgery

When it comes to plastic surgery lot of interesting things are going on in Australia. For instance, cosmetic procedures for teenagers have become so common in Australia that politicians want to regulate them. New South Wales state Premier Morris Iemma is proposing laws that would make it harder for teenagers to go under the knife. The question is How far will the government go in regulating an elective procedure? Will they ban tattoos tomorrow? Or ask children to get a permit to get their nose pierced? Remember that Algie T. Howell, a Virginia (USA) politician tried to regulate teenage behavior by banning whale-tail (fortunately, the law never passed)?

While this controversy is going on, reports indicate that Australia may now have the fastest-growing childhood obesity rate in the world. And here is the funny part. A study by another state in Australia – Victoria – find that gastric bypass surgery maybe the most cost-effective way to tackle this problem despite the fact that it is one of the riskiest procedures. Or maybe they can do what Jack Osbourne did! Lose weight with diet and exercise.