What are the alternatives to facelift?

Based on a recent survey, Tampa’s top plastic surgeons say that, although injectables and fillers battle wrinkles, they don’t counteract the biggest sign of the aging face: sagging skin. However, some women may not want or need a traditional facelift. The survey showed that 56 percent of said they don’t need a facelift and 25 percent expressed concern about looking too “pulled” post-procedure.

Tampa area cosmetic surgeons Dr. Joshua Halpern, Dr. Daniel Greenwald, and Dr. Andrew Coundouriotis say that the ContourLift — an innovative facial rejuvenation procedure that uses a unique technology involving fine sutures that are carefully anchored to tissue far beneath the top layers of skin and then pulled to gently reposition sagging brows, cheeks and jowls — offers patients results that are subtle and natural-looking, with no visible scarring.

This same technology is used in traditional facelifts. Doctors say it gives them optimal “vector control,” meaning each section of the face can be manipulated independently for a natural effect. It provides natural, subtle rejuvenation for patients who want to look better but are not quite ready for a full facelift. The procedure itself usually takes about an hour and most people are typically back to the majority of their normal activities in about a week — a much shorter recovery time than a traditional facelift. The average price of a traditional facelift is about $10,000. A Contour Lift costs between $3,500 and $5,000.

By age 35, brows, jaws and cheek areas start to soften and droop and by age 45 significant differences in facial contours are evident. Women 45+ may find they need more than injected fillers, chemical peels or microdermabrasion to look their best. However, many don’t want — nor need — a full facelift at this point in their lives. They would rather address specific concerns in a way that matches their current lifestyle and revisit getting the Cadillac of facial procedures –a full facelift, later on down the road.