Funny plastic surgery news

There are some really weird news in the world of plastic surgery and I thought I will highlight them for your entertainment:

    An American firefighter, John Joseph Conway, traveled all the way to India to get plastic surgery on his face to look like Hollywood star Bruce Willis.
    A man from China, Zhao Gang, was successful in convincing his second wife to undergo surgery so that she can look like his first wife. His first wife is dead. The doctors are recommending therapy instead.
    A Connecticut man, Ronald Kegler, was able to escape jail time by agreeing to pay for plastic surgery on his girlfriend, Kimberly Knight, whom he punched in the face so bad that she required 52 stitches. In case you were wondering that the couple argued over rather serious issues like cheating or money, you will be disappointed – the fight was over who should control the TV remote.
    A Hong Kong actress, Natalie Ng Man-yan, has not only openly admitted about her plastic surgery, she is telling the world why going under the knife is a good idea in plastic-surgery obsessed South Korea. A businessman, Stephen Shiu Jr., paid for her surgery and she has to become a spokeswoman for the publicity campaign in return.