Breastlift without surgery

Can you imagine a breast lift without causing too many nicks and cuts? Well it seems that cosmetic surgeon Virginia Stevens has developed a non surgical technique for women of all ages who wish to improve the appearance of their breasts without undergoing painful surgery, deciding where to hide scars, or taking time away from life to recover.

Using combinations of Contour Threads, she is now offering a non surgical breastlift. Women with small to medium cup sizes and mild to moderate laxity are ideal candidates for this technique. Treatment time for the procedure is typically under two hours and is done under local anesthesia.

Results of the non surgical breast lift appear immediately due to the strength of the sutures, and then continue to improve over time as the collagen surrounding the threads regenerates. Those who have had the treatment are pleased to say they have great, younger-looking cleavage and much perkier breasts. I have looked at before and after pictures and while they are not as good as a traditional lift, if cost and invasive surgery bother you, this is a good option for you.