Karolina Kurkova too old and fat for modeling

Photo of Carolina Karkova in swimsuitThe last time I featured Karolina Kurkova she was wearing the Victoria’s Secret fantasy bra and looking glorious. If you look at these photos you will see that her butt is too big for runway modeling, it is sagging, and you can see the cellulite (even Kim Kardashian has cellulite).

Nothing wrong with any of this because that is the reality of life. What I want to point out here is that women should learn a lesson here that models get cellulite too, that they can put on weight, that their bodies sag, and it is still OK to put on a swimsuit and have fun on the beach. What you will see on television and in magazines is so highly photoshopped that those pictures are no longer real — in other words, do not compare yourself to a magazine photo or television commercial but look at how they look in reality.