Adorage Arnica gels

Arnica is a herb, known since 1500, to relieve pain and inflammation (caused by strains, arthritis). It also relieves herpes symptoms and even kill herpes virus, to assist normal healing process. Research has also shown that it reduces scars and bruises. The herb contains helenalin and related compounds, which have anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties.  Inflammation can be caused by surgery that causes the excessive amount of blood to stretch the walls of capillaries. Fluid and white blood cells escape from the capillaries into spaces between cells in the surrounding area, which is accompanied by pain, stiffness and bruising. Arnica increases the flow of blood through the affected capillaries causing escaped fluids to be absorbed, which makes black and blue marks go away faster and reduces swelling, relieving pressure on nerve ending, thus relieving pain and stiffness, inflammation, and faster improvement of wound healing.

Adorage is happy to introduce 30% Powerful Arnica gel made in France, which is the best in the world cosmetic market remedy to faster reducing all the negative effects of plastic surgeries, aesthetic injections, laser treatments and etc.

Dr. Joel Kassimir, the leading dermatologist in New York, considers that addition of Arnica 30% to his protocol has magically, effectively and incredibly fast reduced the patients bruising and swelling after esthetic injections, laser and mesotherapy procedures.  Please try to fully answer the question: for what types of plastic surgery 30% Powerful Arnica Gel by AdorageMD can be the greatest remedy in your post-operative regimen?