How do French women stay skinny?

Since the books about whether Japanese and French women get fat or not came out, there has been a lot of discussion whether that is really true. During my travels to both France and Japan, my unscientific analysis shows that there are fat girls in both countries, just not as many as I see here in the US. We might have some data now to backup my observations. France’s National Institute of Demographic Studies compared body mass indexes (BMI) in western Europe and found French women had the lowest average body mass index, at 23.2. British women had the highest average at 26.2 (and that has been proven with the report on large breast sizes in British girls).

But while a new study has confirmed that French women are indeed the slimmest in western Europe, their slenderness, it has found, comes at a cost: they also worry the most about their weight.

How do French women stay slim?

You become what you want to be. Since the French women set themselves very tough standards, they also fight hard to achieve them, often ending up underweight and not even realizing it.

Thibaut de Saint Pol, the expert who did the study, said French women also had a much lower idea weight than other Europeans.