Can all women have plastic surgery?

If you can afford to pay for it, some will answer, then anyone can have plastic surgery. Unfortunately, it is not so simple because it is a health matter; you are not just going to the mall to buy a dress, your body is going to be go through the steps needed for any surgery. According to surgeons, a woman in good health (emotional as well as physical) is generally a good candidate. He will further review yours and your family’s medical history to determine if you have any risks that he needs to know and as part of that effort a few diagnostic tests may also be done.   Typically a good clinic will not put you under any risk because after all this is an elective procedure.  Do not forget that Donda West died during surgery and Star Jones Reynolds had a health emergency during surgeryWhitney Houston was turned away by surgeons because she was in poor health

Who is not a good candidate for plastic surgery?

  1. Mental health is another important consideration prior to deciding on plastic surgery. Some people may have very unrealistic expectations of what they can get out of a cosmetic surgery procedure. Most plastic surgeries tend to raise people’s self-esteem and make them feel better about themselves.  During discussion with women who have had plastic surgery, I have learned that they feel more confident about themselves, tend to dress better, and feel more enthusiastic about their personal and professional lives. But by itself, plastic surgery alone will not make you happier, give you more money, or help with a divorce or a breakup. If plastic surgery were to do that, most of these Hollywood celebrities will be happy.
  2. Smoking and plastic surgery don’t go very well together.  It raises risks during surgeries.  You have to inform your doctor if you smoke and you will be required to stop smoking before the procedure.  If you are nor willing to or cannot stop smoking, your doctor would suggest therapy to do that or decline to operate on you.
  3. Yet another factor to think about is how your body heals. If you have a history of developing scars, you may develop larger than normal scars with plastic surgery. Your doctor will assess the situation and decide accordingly.