Should a couple have cosmetic surgery together?

I had previously discussed plastic surgery for couples as a trend.  At this time, women are still overwhelmingly the customers of plastic surgery clinics, but men are slowly lining up as well for procedures like chimplants or Face time facelifts.  The other critical issue to note is that women who go under the knife often end up divorcing their husbands.  Ouch!  I mean if a woman looks ten years younger with the help of cosmetic surgery but is married to a guy who was already a few years older and on top of that he is aging fast, she will soon look like his daughter.  She might as well leave him and along with a new body start a new life, hopefully with a new, younger man.

No surprise then that guys are scared and increasingly try to keep pace with their wives.  When I accompanied my wife for her Botox appointment and the dermatologist let me watch her do the work, I was amazed that my wife who is otherwise so scared of having even a needle stuck in her arm, was lying down as if she were getting a massage at a spa.  My immediate reaction was if this is how easy it is, even I can do it.  La Jolla Plastic Surgeon Dr. Richard Chaffoo echoes my sentiment and is quoted in the LA Times as saying “It’s a male ego thing. When a wife comes in and has work done and is delighted with the outcome, the husband or partner feels more confident and secure and more likely to ask questions.”

Dr. Malcolm Z. Roth adds, “Sometimes the man will say, ‘Well, I think my wife’s looking good, and I don’t want to look as old as I look when she looks so young and energetic.  Maybe the man was the courageous one, so the wife follows suit.”    I recently heard from a reader whose husband is threatening divorce if she does not have cosmetic surgery.  My recommendation is that if you both are going to have a minimally invasive procedure it is fine to do it together and that might even save you money (try to negotiate for a deal for couples) and time.  For a more complex procedure like liposuction or face lift, it is much better to have it done separately so that you can be there for each other as you recover, unless of course, you are headed overseas at a resort clinic where you will have help.