How can I find out if I can have labiaplasty?

It is important to understand that labiaplasty is still a niche procedure.  In fact, I can even say based on the data that the whole field of genital rejuvenation is still emerging, and that includes other procedures like hymenoplasty, Gshot, and vaginoplasty.  The reason is very simple.  Unless you are an actor or model who will show off that part of your body, chances are that the results can only be seen by someone very close to you, and we all know that when things really heat up in the bedroom, who is looking?  There are some cases when a woman’s privates have deteriorated significantly or are a source of pain due to fraction from clothing, then, this type of surgery can actually enhance her quality of life.

Anomalies from birth:  Orlando Plastic surgeon Dr. James Matas provides some insights into the demographics of women who are lining up to get labiaplasty.  The first group is younger women with congenital asymmetry or anyone who has an unusual shape naturally and that can be corrected with either a one-sided labiaplasty, or a bilateral labiaplasty with asymmetric tissue removal for an overall aesthetic improvement.  Clearly, when you look “average” after the surgery, this is a big achievement for these ladies.

Improve effects of aging:  The second group of women are interesting in improving the apperance after giving birth or major weight loss or are seeing sagging and loss of elasticity due to aging.  He says the labia majora can be reduced to improve the wrinkling and skin redundancy that is common for this group of women. He adds that injectable treatments are also an option that can volumize the labia majora, but says this is not a permanent solution because the dermal fillers need to be injected on a regular basis.

Recovery and results:  Dr. Matas says that while some scarring is bound to be there, a good surgeon can minimize them.  In addition, plan for several days of rest and pretty much a relaxed lifestyle for about two weeks.  Intercourse, workouts, and other physical activities will need to wait about a month and a half.  He also adds that no one is sure if this makes a big difference but a few of his patients are highly satisfied.