Why did Adrienne Maloof divorce Paul Nassif?

I like to think that there are many advantages to being married to someone with a special talent.  Yes, I expect my partner to love me and be my best friend, but if she is a singer or massage therapist or chef or tax accountant, things are even better.  So to marry a plastic surgeon means never having to look old.  Exactly the reason why Adrienne Maloof always looked as if she was a 20 year old hottie rather than a middle aged mom with three kids.  Unfortunately, now that they are divorcing, she will have to find another plastic surgeon.

Image of Adrian Malof with husband Paul Nasef

So why would a woman divorce a nice guy like Paul Nassif?  Well, it is easy to blame reality television for divorces like that of Nick Lachey-Jessica Simpson or LuAnn de Lesseps-Alexandre or Jon-Kate Gosselin, but the truth is that marriages breakup for so many other reasons, though, due to the manufactured reality on television where something exciting has to happen all the time, the producers artificially create situations that can create problems in marriage or aggravate them.

Anyone who has followed the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills series must remember that they were a charming couple when we first met them but over the years they started to scream at each other more often and were no longer a loving couple.  It is a fact that both of them are highly successful and independently wealthy.  She is an entrepreneur from a wealthy family and he is a reputed plastic surgeon in Hollywood.  I am not worried for any one of them because in no time they can get even hotter partners but it is always sad to see the kids suffer.