Plastic surgeon Andrew Klapper’s business in trouble

If you recall, I previously discussed all the cosmetic surgery that Renee Graziano had.  Then I gave you a peek at her results from the surgery.  One would have expected that she would have lived happily thereafter with her new body, but life is never easy if you are a mob wife.

Contrary to my advice to plastic surgeons never to sue their clients even if they are not at fault, her previous surgeon Dr Andrew Klapper is suing her for a mind boggling $77 million for destroying his business.  After her surgery was botched, and required enormous correction, she went on television to whine about it.  According to her, like Donda West she almost died, but survived to have corrective surgery.  As I have been saying, the business of the surgeon tanked.

I don’t know what type of legal and business advisers he has, but he is also asking her to pay her bills for the surgery.  I totally believe in paying one’s bills, but how dare a doctor ask for payment when he almost killed a patient.  You see, if someone goes for a manicure, and the client is not happy with the results, it is easy for the spa to assign a different manicurist and get the job done again.  Unfortunately, with doctors it does not work like that.  No sensible person wants to give a second chance to a doctor who almost killed you.