How did Kate Hudson lose pregnancy weight?

We all know that it takes a lot of time and effort to lose the baby weight, but no one would have expected that it could be so much work.  Kate Hudson is revealing to Star that she worked out as many as six hours daily to get rid of her pregnancy pounds.   She tells the magazine that she would do cardio for one hour, followed by another hour or so of Pilates or yoga.  And she would do it three times a day.

I am sure that with any new mom who does not have an army of maids, to find this kind of time is unthinkable.  Actually, even if one has the means to hire nannies and servants, it is difficult to find the time and motivation to do this.  Look at Jessica Simpson who is struggling to lose her baby weight.

What is interesting about Kate Hudson is that she is also not a dieter and could not truly control what she ate, so for her she had to burn her calories mostly through exercise.