Danielle Lloyd reconstructive surgery on breasts

In case you were not aware, like any other surgical procedure, plastic surgery can also go wrong, sometimes right away and in some cases, even after years.  That is exactly what happened to Danielle Lloyd who had to remove her implants.  No one knows if the fact that the problem happened after her third breast augmentation procedure has any relevance, but she got rid of her E cup implants and it took her several months from the complications.

You can imagine a woman with such a large chest going on with her life as a flat chested girl she always used to be.  That was not gonna last for too long.  Her AA cups have since been replaced with a more normal C cup and has also had a little bit of reconstructive surgery to correct some of the deformities due to the infection.  She tells TV Biz that she is now happy with her new size and even though it is not clear that extremely large implants were the cause of her problem, she will not go any bigger than that in the future.