Boost self esteem by spending the money

I have previously written that going under the knife for a breast augmentation procedure helps a woman achieve higher self esteem if her chest size was causing her lack of confidence particularly in front of men.  The simple logic is that if your size alone is causing you so much distress, then, it is best to change that.  Research also shows that women who have had their breasts enlarged surgically also have much better sex.  One would naturally conclude that one was a result of the other.


Image of a woman admiring the results of her surgery

Actually, that is not really true.  Colorado College psychology professor Tomi-Ann Roberts found that it was in the brain rather than in the body.  Remember that spending money always gives our egos a boost and we feel more self-confident, so when a woman is enhancing her assets and is spending money on the surgery and on buying big cup bras, she feels good about her.  If the surgery was done at the insistence of a man or to impress a guy and if she gets positive feedback from others after the procedure, her new-found self esteem is further reinforced.  According to the professor, because we tend to justify the money we have spent, we feel good even if there is really no change.  You might have noticed people who say they feel great after a new haircut or buying a new outfit even though others might not think so.

This raises the question whether going under the knife is really worth it if it is all about spending money on herself.  Would it make sense for a woman to travel to Paris and shop or visit Myrtle Beach and just blow money on spa treatments?  That way she would not be risking her life by going under the knife.