Women’s reactions after cosmetic surgery

Dr. Greg Buford is a plastic surgeon in the Denver area and I was impressed by the results of a survey that he recently did. He found that successful plastic surgery does not have to be dramatic (think Michael Jackson, Joan Rivers) and is oftentimes better when it is a minor change only noticeable to the patient.

Plastic surgery addiction

More surprisingly however, is that cosmetic enhancement may be addictive – 100 percent of respondents had an additional procedure or treatment done after the first. The survey revealed that many patients who come in for seemingly simple, routine treatments like medical skin care or scar correction, end up going under the knife.

“I had chemical peels that lead to laser hair removal, then to collagen injection in my lips. I admit that I get more and more curious as I experience more procedures. Plus, my fear decreases and I become more comfortable with the idea,” one respondent commented.

Does it improve your sex life?

Most (58 percent) respondents feel more comfortable in the nude. 46 percent say that bedroom action is better to dramatically better. Another 40 percent admit to initiating sex more often and 38 percent find themselves less inhibited in during lovemaking.

Do you keep your procedure a secret?

Most respondents are shouting their beauty secrets from the rooftops. So Kellie Pickler is an exception.

Look Good, Feel Better

Not surprisingly, most patients said that electing cosmetic enhancement made them feel better about themselves, with 66 percent believing that it improved their self-esteem.

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