Should I buy a designer handbag?

Let me be clear first about the meaning of a designer handbag here. No, I am not talking about handbags that cost a few hundred dollars and have the name of a designer behind them or have a celebrity pretending to be the designer (it is not rocket science to understand that a singer or actor is not always a great designer so typically a handbag company will simply design a purse that the celeb will approve and without doing anything more she will simply pocket a percentage of the bag’s price). I am talking about handbags that can cost thousands or even tens of thousands of US Dollars. In most cases, these handbags will have a logo that is visible to others. The sellers of these handbags will make sure that anyone who sees them will know what brand they are. Such brands include Chanel, Valentino, Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, and many others. Many women cut back on so many other things so that they can simply buy one of these bags in the hope that somehow their friends will think that they have made it or that they have money or that they are cool and fashionable.

I think if you have the money to live the luxury lifestyle, by all means, please do. You have the money so go out there and spend it. I am not the one who will tell you to donate it to charity or do anything else with it. However, most of the buyers of these handbags with logos are women who do not have the money. They try to find the funds either by borrowing or by cutting back on other essentials. And when you do get a bag, chances are that girls you hang out with may even believe that you are rich or fashionable or stylish or cool, but the sad reality is that nothing else changes about you. You are still a hairdresser or secretary or housewife and the super-wealthy who live the couture lifestyle wouldn’t even talk to you just because you have a logo on your handbag.

Picture of an alligator backpack designed by Ashley and Mary Kate OlsenThis is why comments from Hollywood celebrity Reese Witherspoon are powerful. While speaking to Glamour magazine, the interviewer commented on a Valentino designer bag she was seen carrying, and her response was that she had wanted to buy a bag from The Row (a luxury label from Olsen sisters and it is shown on this page and costs a whopping $34,000 before taxes and shipping) but “…it’s so prohibitively expensive, I will not allow myself to buy it. I literally go to the store to visit it. Too much money – it feels decadent. I can’t wrap my brain around it. If I bought it, I’d only feel upset about it and take it back.” She added that she is hoping that her much less expensive Valentino bag will last forever.

Now remember that this is woman who charges tens of millions of dollars for acting in a movie and will keep collecting royalties from those for the rest of her life. Still she does not think that she should be spending this kind of money on just one handbag. You could use the same logic and instead of spending a thousand dollars on just handbag, you could instead put together as many as four different outfits for that amount of money by mixing and matching.

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