Does Kelly Brook have breast implants?

British model Kelly Brook is often described as someone who has achieve the Holy Grail of beauty.  She is not only tall and skinny but has a very large bust.  All of us who have seen totally natural women know for sure that if they are skinny, they are skinny in all parts of the body, including their cup size, but that isn’t the case with Kelly.  Naturally, there has been speculation forever that she had work done in her chest and has implants.  In this case, though, that is not true.  She is truly blessed and has used that asset (34E) to build a career in lingerie modeling.  As you can see below in this appearance for New Look lingerie, she has a body that makes women jealous.

To further salt into the wounds of many women, she says that she does not go crazy with working out.  She merely walks everywhere (more or less like the workout routine of Kelly Ripa), goes to sauna frequently, and credits sex for her beauty and fitness.

Image of model Kelly Brooke wearing a bra and pantyWhile denying that she has gone under the knife, she also said, “It makes me very angry when women in the public eye talk about what work they’ve had done, because it makes other women feel devalued.”

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