How does Janice Dickinson look now after plastic surgery?

In 2005, I called Janice Dickinson a plastic surgery addict.  Two years after that declaration, I screamed that Janice Dickinson has had way too much plastic surgery.  Now obviously I should take my words back because clearly that honor belongs to Joan Rivers who might hold the world record for most cosmetic surgeries.  Still, it is always good to revisit celebrities who overdo nips and tucks to a point that they look like aliens.  So when I heard recently that Janice Dickinson did a photo shoot with The Situation of Jersey Shore, I was intrigued.  I mean he is young enough to be her grandson and there she is doing a naught photo shoot with her.

When I looked at her photo, I must say that she does look good for her 57 years, thanks to excellent plastic surgery.  In this photo, even though we know that everything is unreal, she looks like a bombshell.  If you did not know who she was and if she had gone under the knife you would not have been able to predict her age with any accuracy.

Image of celebrity Janice Dickinson showing off her body in a cage

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