Does Laviv really work?

Unlike other fillers like Juvederm or Perlane, Laviv is different.  Now I am going to try to make this as simple as I can because this is a very different technology.  You see, a typical dermal filler is a material similar to collagen produced by our body and it is synthetically created.  When you visit your cosmetic surgeon, she or he simply injects it in the part that you desire and for some period of time you see a much smoother, fuller area.  Laviv takes this to a whole different level.  Laviv is highly personalized so in your first visit, the surgeon will use local anesthetic to take some skin cells behind your ear.  Now these skin cells are shipped to Fibrocell Science laboratories where these cells will be stimulated to multiply outside the body.  We are talking millions of cells here.  Amazing; isn’t it?  The technicians will then extract high quality cells from this mass of cells and ship them back to your surgeon’s clinic and he will then inject it thrice about three to six weeks apart.  The best part is that a small sample is saved in the company’s lab so that it can be used as seeding material to generate even more cells in the future.   The whole process takes about 6 months and that is when you will start seeing the results.  After that you should see the results last for about six months and at that point you will need to have more injections, like any other dermal filler.

So how does Laviv work?  As everyone knows, the suppleness of the skin comes from a material called collagen and as we get older, this is what we lose and make less of it.  That is why the wrinkles and the fine lines.  What Laviv does is to use body’s own fibroblasts to multiply rapidly and then produce collagen.  Since the cells are your own, there is no reason for the body to reject them.  This is what makes it superior to other collagen fillers that are made from materials obtained from other animals or synthetic materials.

Photo of a woman's face showing results of Laviv

Obviously, no medicine is without risks but what is reassuring is that Laviv has been approved by the FDA.  When you will meet with your surgeon, he will go over the risks with you and if it is not right for you, then suggest something else.

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