Who is getting breast augmentation?

Speculation about whether or not famous celebrities have undergone breast augmentation is popular fodder for the media. Almost every media company watches which celebrities are getting plastic surgery and where. Some even hire analysts who compare photos and look for any signs of cosmetic enhancement. The reason so much effort is put into this type of celebrity watch is that people want to know what they are doing so that they can imitate them. Celebrities like Pamela Anderson, Jessica Simpson and Lindsay Lohan, whether they’re au natural or cosmetically enhanced, are the current standard to which many women compare themselves.

Interestingly, however, surveys indicate that while breast implant purchasers admit the media adds pressure to enhance physical attributes, 64 percent still claim they underwent augmentation for personal reasons. More often than not, the driving motivation is a desire to enhance self-confidence.

So what kind of woman is getting an augmentation? According to 1800BeYourBest, nearly three-quarters of breast implant patients increase their bust by two cup sizes, though some plastic surgeons are reporting that many women want to go large but still not so large that it appears that they went under the knife. She is in her 30’s, married, with 2 kids and a household income under $70,000.

Last year, according to American Association of Plastic Surgeons, breast augmentation was the third most popular procedure after liposuction and nose reshaping. Recommended article: New treatment found for varicose veins

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