Von Follies lingerie models

Dita Von Teese, the retro Hollywood beauty, who has inspired women all over the world to embrace vintage fashion and makeup, has also suggested that women enjoy wearing traditional lingerie items like garter belts, suspenders, and stockings, not to mention corsets and frilly brassieres.  To give women the underwear that she is recommending, she is the founder of a vintage inspired lingerie brand called Von Follies.  She has a huge selection of lingerie items and they are being sold at Target.  Apart from the fact that compared to La Perla or Agent Provocateur, two brands that I typically recommend for high-end lingerie, these pieces are so much more affordable, they are also high quality.  More importantly, though, Teese has set a new standard in the world of lingerie modeling by picking models who look much closer to everyday women.  During the model auditions, she sent home many models who were just too skinny, the standard in catwalk modeling.

Teese said, “It’s important to me [that] we show curvaceous women and fuller-figured girlsLingerie looks terrific on girls with shape…We gave a lot of models the axe for being too skinny – we probably turned away a dozen.”  As you can see, she chose only buxom women for modeling her lingerie.

Image of a full figured curvaceous model for burlesque intimates and underwear

And just to make sure that you know she likes lingerie, and is selling some of her own, she let her Von Fillies brassiere peak from the top of her dress, a trend that is so sexy.

Pic of Dita Van Tease showing bra through her dress

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