When should a woman choose cosmetic surgery?

Pamela in Madison, Wisconsin, writes, “I ended up in a bad marriage, and after a difficult three years of trying to make it work, I eventually decided to divorce, and now I have been trying to find a job as an executive assistant and not having much luck. I wonder if people think that I’m just too old or do not have the looks for an attractive person at the corporate reception desk.  Sometimes I just want to give up. I have also wondered if having some kind of plastic/cosmetic surgery would help me look younger and give me an edge to get into a career that I have a passion for? I am 44 years old. Being in a bad marriage, I gained a lot of weight and I have about 60 pounds more to lose. Other than that I am in relatively good health. Do you think that cosmetic surgery would give me the confidence and self esteem I need to compete in the world and give me an edge? Do you think that I would feel better if I had it? Would it make a difference?”

You are not the first woman to think that the magical hand of a cosmetic surgeon will make you life different and solve your problems.  There is no doubt that plastic surgery can improve how your body looks and raise your self esteem and confidence, but here are a few other things to consider before meeting with a plastic surgeon for consultation:

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  1. In a committed relationship, we often take it for granted. Remember how you took care of yourself to look your best when you were dating? You need to go back to those times when you were single, pay more attention to your beauty and makeup routine, update your wardrobe, and just make yourself more attractive as you would have done when you were hunting for a guy.  Simple techniques like these can make you look ten years younger without much effort.  I mean, how much does it cost to have a new haircut, dye your hair, update your style, and applying makeup more generously.
  2. Obviously, there is no way out from exercising and dieting to lose weight. You have a lot of weight to lose, but if you take small steps, you will see the difference. Set small goals and don’t stop till you are where you want to be. And have fun on the way to losing weight.  Imagine how you would look when you are done and what it will mean to your self image and attractiveness to men and that is what will keep you motivated.
  3. After you are at your desired weight, be prepared to notice extra skin on your body. And that is a perfect time to evaluate if you should go under the knife, particularly for a body contouring procedure. At that time, it is also a good idea to look at liposuction or tummy tuck (or even some of the less invasive procedures that can dissolve fat) as possible solutions to hard-to-get-rid-off fat on the tummy and thighs. In other words, first try to do your very best through diet and exercise and then look at plastic surgery. Not only will you get a better looking body at that time, you will also become a new person.
  4. To give a further boost to your self esteem and develop a positive body image, read a few good books, join a support group of women like you online, make some new friends, and smile more often.

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