Plastic surgery overseas for Europeans

Everyone now knows about the option of having plastic surgery overseas – particularly in Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, or Thailand for American patients. I have also mentioned that countries like Canada and Spain are an option too if you are looking for higher quality but somewhat lower savings.

But what if you live in one of the more expensive countries in Europe – for instance, England or France? Where do you go for inexpensive cosmetic surgery? In the past, many patients have flown to Thailand or India. Some even fly to Mexico or Brazil or sometimes Colombia.

Would you like to be on the continent and still save some money? Looks like some clinics are recognizing the need and coming up with a solution. For instance, Elyzea Medical Group that runs clinics primarily in Belgium has an excellent model. They are currently targeting British patients but they also get patients from Scandinavia, and even the United States. The first consultation happens in a clinic in the UK and then you fly (or take the Eurostar) to Brussels for the surgery. When you return the same day (or whenever you wish), the clinic in UK takes over for post-operative care.

What about the savings? They are big. If you live in the UK, the savings can be as much as 50%. For American patients, the savings are about 30%. Here are some examples of cost savings. Liposuction (abdomen or thighs) costs about £2,900 in the UK but Elyzea will charge only £700 – £950. A breast augmentation procedure costs just around £2,000, half of what it costs in UK. A face lift in Brussels is £2,500 – again little over half of that in the UK. Even a tummy tuck can be had for just over £2,000.

A unique specialty of Elyzea is the vibrasound liposuction procedure which is very effective by removing more fat and helping shorten the recovery time for the patient. The big advantage is that the removed fat cannot come back as the fat cells are completely removed. It involves liquefying the fat first, thus allowing larger quantities to be removed – up to 4 litres (one gallon), and therefore producing a far more dramatic, sculpted look that gives a definitive result, according to Dr. Robert Glasroth, the Director of the clinic.  (Recommended article: Plastic surgery should be part of a lifestyle makeover)

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