What should I do if I don’t have money for plastic surgery?

That is exactly the question Jenelle Evans must be asking herself and she is not the only one.  Like most things in life, we don’t always have the funds for things that we consider important, if not essential.  I am sure a lot of people think that plastic surgery is elective and it is about your vanity, rather than the need, but many reports suggest that plastic surgery can help advance careers and many women find that their self esteem goes up after going under the knife; that can indirectly result in higher overall happiness or better relationships or desire to go ahead in life.  In many cases like pursuing modeling or acting, having cosmetic surgery before you even try, is a must.  In that case, it is not elective, but health insurance companies do not look at it this way.  In other words, you will need to come up with the cash to pay for it.

The fact that you will need to pay yourself for cosmetic surgery is something that most people understand, but there are other issues to deal with if your surgery develops unexpected complications. Your health insurance premiums may rise, coverage could be dropped altogether or future coverage may be denied once the insurer becomes aware. Treatments as a result of plastic surgery complications (which might have been covered otherwise, for instance, infections or pain) may also not be covered either. That is why you should consult with your health insurance carrier about the conditions in your policy. And you must also discuss with your plastic surgeon on how to deal with your insurance company.  Some experts suggest buying separate insurance for plastic surgery.

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So how do you pay for plastic surgery?  You can easily take out a loan with the help of the clinic and since this is not a credit card loan, hopefully, you will pay a lot less.  Read the fine print carefully and fully understand your interest rate, because you might be better off borrowing on your card.  It is all about getting the numbers right because the clinic may only make it appear that it is just helping you connect with the loan company but remember that they also get a cut.

You can also go overseas for surgery because it is somewhat cheaper, but in that case you may not be able to get a loan the traditional way.  You might need to get a personal loan instead.    Maybe a family member or friend can provide some of the loan amount.  As with any other loan, be careful before you sign on the dotted line. Make sure you understand how much you are borrowing, what is the interest rate, and what happens if you are late in making payments. Consult with a financial adviser to make sure that you do not commit mistakes in paying for the surgery. The sums are huge and the loan companies know that most plastic surgery candidates are rich, and therefore, easier to take advantage of.

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  1. How about saving? When I needed lipo, I simply started putting aside about $100 a month, asked my family to give me cash rather than gifts for Christmas, and in about 18 months, I had enough.

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