Best way to decide about breast augmentation

It is indeed a big decision for most women because apart from being fairly expensive, it is surgery after all, with all the risks that come with any medical procedure. Obviously, you will have scars and that can bother some people because you need to hide it by dressing in a certain way.  Another relevant factor is the role that a man can play in the decision (actually even the absence of a male in your life can influence your decision because many women go under the knife in the hope of finding a man). When it comes to breast augmentation, many girls tell me that their decision for implants was influenced by the man factor.  What is interesting is that while men claim that they can easily figure out natural chest from one with implants but still men love a larger cup size and often push the women to get the implantsShould you consider the opinion of a man while deciding about plastic surgery It depends on what you want and how important that man is in your life.  Personally, I advise women to have the surgery for themselves and not for others because in the end the benefits and risks are theirs to face.

After the surgery, are you ready for the extra, but sometimes unwanted, attention from men and jealousy from women?  You will definitely suffer the effects of gravity, motherhood, aging, and weight fluctuations like any woman, and therefore, you will need more than one surgery in your lifetime even when you are happy with the result of the first surgery. Also, the implants may sometimes move and get out of place, so another procedure is often needed to re-set them.

Funny picture of a model demonstrating implants

What is the best size to have?  Your surgeon will determine the maximum size possible for you. The amount of skin available can limit how large implants will fit. Some things to think about are:

  1. This is your body and these implants are yours.  You are the one shopping for brassieres, lingerie and apparel.  So pick the size that you are going to be most comfortable with.
  2. What kind of a woman are you? For exotic dancers, actors or models much larger size may give an advantage, but if you are a regular, busy mom, or an office worker, a somewhat more typical full C cup size may be more appropriate. That could also be the case for an athletic womanvery large cups can be a hassle.
  3. What size is popular now?  Chest size standards may change with time and you are better of having a size that will always look average and acceptable.
  4. If you undergo this procedure and there are risks, unless you are convinced you really want them, don’t get them. You can always take them out, but the stretched skin and potential damage to the surrounding tissues are not going to look good. If you choose the wrong size, you can change it, but it will be another surgery.

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