Borrow fat for injection

One of the most popular procedure is to inject your own body fat in an area that is no longer so supple due to aging.  For a lot of women who gain weight in thighs and abdomen area, it is very easy to have liposuction in that area, and use some or all of the fat in the face.  Unlike a dermal filler, this is your own body fat and will not cause any adverse reaction.  But what if you are at your ideal weight, have the perfect body, and simply are not a candidate for liposuction?  Well, that is exactly Cindy’s dilemma.  She tells me, “I am quite slim and do not have any fat for a fat transfer procedure for my face.  I am reluctant to use Radiesse as recommended by my cosmetic surgeon.  Is it possible to use my sister, who is overweight, as a fat donor?  We both have identical blood types.  What do you think?”

As you area already conscious of it, human body does not always react nicely to outside materials.  The fillers are very similar to human body components and that is why they are accepted.  They are also chemically neutral but that would not be the case with your sister’s fat.  In other words, she cannot be a donor.  The best way to get fat for this procedure is from your own body.  Since you do not have excess fat, you are definitely out of luck.

What you may want to do is to meet with a cosmetic surgeon and see if a facelift does the trick for you because that does not require injection of any fillers.

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