Flat chested Naya Rivera

Naya Rivera has roots in Puerto Rico and that makes her what is popularly known as a Latina, and that was the reason she was featured on the cover of the namesake magazine, which caters to women with Hispanic lineage.  It is, therefore, no surprise that she is also compared as someone who could substitute Jennifer Lopez.  But what caught my attention is that unlike the curvaceous bodies that we often associate with Latinas, she is an exception.

Image of Nava Revera wearing a bra top, chanel leather belt, and striped skirt

In fact, she says in the interview that “I was super flat chested and really skinny,” to a point that she could not even find a boyfriend in high school and was never invited to any dances.  She has still not gone under the knife, but with a body that is so proportionate she need not worry.

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