Is it unhealthy to watch plastic surgery reality TV?

I have a confession to make.  I do watch reality television with a plastic surgery focus.  My only defense is that I do it as part of my research for this blog because it is one way for me to find out what is going on in pop culture about appearances and what procedures are out there that can be useful for my readers like you.  Because I am fairly happy with how I look and have more or less made peace with whatever body I was born with, I look at the programs with a certain degree of disengagement.  I watch these programs as I would watch a documentary on marine life or space research.

Busty model in bikini after cosmetic surgery

The same does not apply to you, though.  Prof. Charlotte Markey found that women and men who watched cosmetic surgery reality TV like ‘I Want a Famous Face,’ ‘Nip Tuck,’ and ‘Dr. 90210‘ were more likely to possess poor body image and consider going under the knife.  Unfortunately, there is no definitive evidence that plastic surgery improves self esteem for anyone.  Some women do feel better after spending thousands of dollars on their cosmetic procedures but they could have had the same result if they simply bought new clothes.

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