Should I have my breasts reduced?

One of my readers, Patricia, writes, “Believe it or not but unlike your flat chested readers who want to have silicone implants or wear padded brassieres, my bra cup size is H and my weight is a mere 140 pounds. My breasts are both about 7 lbs each, and as you can imagine, that fourteen pounds of weight in the front really makes me uncomfortable and have bad posture. How do I know if I am a good candidate to get a breast reduction procedure? My parents tell me that I should just deal with hit but it hurts my back, I have breathing problems occasionally, and I find guys staring at me at me all the time.  Please help.”

You are definitely a woman with an unusual shape and no doubt this is causing body-ache and poor posture.  Your parents are probably terrified of you going under the knife and most health insurance companies will give you a runaround trying to get this procedure covered.  I suggest that should meet with your family physician first to discuss your health problems.  After an examination, she might conclude that if you lose weight with diet and exercise, your breasts might reduce as well and you will be able to breathe easier, stand up straight, and have less pain.

You don’t have room to lose a lot of pounds but even 10 pounds would make a huge difference. I am not myself a big supporter of surgery as the first option. Any surgery has risks and if it can be avoided, it should be considered. The best possible option is to see if you can get to a more optimum level of weight and hopefully have a more proportionate body.

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