Too young for cosmetic surgery

Simone sent me a message saying, “I am a reasonably attractive teen but like so many girls my age I have a small tummy, love handles and some fat in my inner thighs and I have been thinking if some of that fat can be taken out and injected into my very flat chest.  Is it weird of me to think about plastic surgery at this young age? My wonderful boyfriend says that I am already good looking and I don’t need to have surgery. He is actually so terrified of surgery and wounds that he threatened to dump me if I will have unnecessary surgery.  The problem is that is that I have such poor self esteem that I don’t like how I look. I am not happy with my face and shape of my body. I feel insecure that if I don’t look great my boyfriend will cheat on me.  Do you think I should go under the knife or I need to see a psychologist?”

A big misconception that many women have is that cosmetic surgery is somehow an easy way to lose weight.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  For morbidly obese people who have reached at life threatening weight, and no amount of diet or exercise can help them get rid of the fat to a level that their health will become good, a gastric bypass surgery is the only option and at this point it is no longer considered a cosmetic procedure.  For such sick people, obesity surgery is medically essential to save their lives.

For girls like you who are only slightly overweight, the best way to get the body that you want is through exercise.  That way not only will you lose the excess weight, you will end up with a more toned body.  I think a ethical surgeon will definitely refuse to take you as a patient.  After losing all the weight that you can with diet and exercise, if you think that your breasts and lips could benefit from cosmetic surgery, consider lip implants and breast augmentation.

While I tend to agree with your boyfriend and friends that you should try to preserve your natural body, I would like you to make your own decisions about going under the knife.  Boyfriends come and go and if he wants to breakup, I am hopeful that someone else will step right in, especially if you look great. It really does not matter what other people think about your appearance if you do not like what you see in the mirror.

Nevertheless, I encourage you to speak to a psychologist to see if you have self esteem issues or body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) both of which can not be corrected with a scalpel. With the help of professional counseling you might realize that you do not need the surgery or if you do have it, with the new body you will feel even more confident.

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