What will happen to my breast size after weight loss?

Kara has one of those challenges that every woman who is trying to lose weight faces.  What will happen to her breasts after weight loss?  Most women experience shrinking of breasts (and consequently, sagging and loss or perkiness).  Obviously, for an obese or overweight woman, the loss is painful but not as devastating as that for a flat chested girl, who can lose whatever tissue she had.  Kara tells me, “How can I prevent loss of tissue from my tiny chest? I am excited about having a great body but I am not so thrilled with having no breasts at all.  Please help.”

Image of a girl in a hot pink sports brassiere with words I work out

This is such a big problem that I get this question all the time.  The short answer is that not much can be done because when we try to lose weight through working out and dieting, the body has its own way of getting rid of fat and chest does get smaller after losing weight.  That is why it is not unusual to end up with a rather disproportionate body after weight loss.  What also causes a lot of agony is men and women who end up with wrinkles on their faces and excess skin on arms and thighs while still having a small tummy despite working out aggressively.

I would say that since having a good body and being fit is far more important that your bra cup size, focus on that first.  If you end up with no breasts at all, you might consider getting implants, and on a skinny body, they will look awesome.

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