Can a tummy tuck raise self esteem?

There is overwhelming evidence that if a part of your body is really bothering you and if you enhance it with the help of cosmetic surgery, chances are very high that you will not only look better but feel good about it and that will raise your self esteem and confidence.  Obviously, if your emotional problems are a result of something that is not appearance related, no amount of nips and tucks will make a difference.  Now, we have more evidence that people who underwent tummy tucks (abdominoplasty) and/or liposuction reported higher self esteem and as many as 70% said that their overall quality of life improved.  The study was conducted by Leawood, Kansas plastic surgeon Dr. Eric Swanson.

Image of a mom happy to look at her in mirror after surgery

According to him, “Liposuction and abdominoplasty, individually and in combination, produce high rates of patient satisfaction and reliably improve self-esteem.” Almost all the participants in the study said that after seeing the results they will recommend the same to a friend and do it all over again themselves.  It is hard to argue with this; isn’t it?  Imagine that you have that huge tummy that so noticeable and stops you from wearing all those beautiful clothes or hitting the beach in a bikini.  The next thing you know after a few weeks of recovery, you can now fit in your favorite jeans or rock a great dress.

A lot of us fail to admit to ourselves how much looks matter.  No, it is not being vain to pay attention to your body in the mirror; the reality is that we judge others by how they look and we do the same to ourselves.  When we look at ourselves in the mirror and we see someone we are attracted, we feel good, do the right thing, and as a result, go ahead in life.

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