Sarah Burge plastic surgery obsession

Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD), that manifests itself in form of plastic surgery obsession, has definitely taken over Sarah Burge of Cambridgeshire, England.  This woman has spent a whopping $800,000 (some estimates currently put her at a million bucks), putting her in the same league as Demi Moore, Joan Rivers, and Janice Dickinson.  But she does not stop there.  After turning herself into a so-called Human Barbie doll, this dysfunctional mom now wants her daughter Poppy to become like her.  Look, I am a big believer in the power of scalpel to help us look the way we want, but there are limits to what we should do.  With regards to Poppy, I am actually a little concerned that the poor kid has been brainwashed to a point that she cannot differentiate between cosmetic surgery and applying makeup on.

Image of Sara Burg with daughter Poppy in leotards using the pole

When she was ridiculed in her native England, she simply said on MSNBC, “People in the UK just don’t seem to get me.”  Sweetheart, we Americans aren’t getting you either, if you meant to imply that we are somehow smarter than the Brits in getting addicts like you.  Maybe cosmetic surgery obsessed women in South Korea will get you.

Burger is so proud of her cosmetic makeover that she has even documented her story in a book “The Half a Million Pound Girl,” referring to her total expenses on plastic surgeons in British sterling pounds.  She is now pushing her daughter to enter the beauty pageants in America and eventually get under the knife after 18 for which she has already budgeted the funds.  Shouldn’t the British authorities be investigating this lady for child endangerment?

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