Victoria Beckham wants cosmetic surgery

Survey after survey shows that women are not satisfied with how they look. Despite having what most men will describe as perfect bodies, women still continue to say that they do not like their bodies.

Take for example, Victoria Beckham, the lovely wife of David Beckham. She is by any measure a drop-dead gorgeous woman. According to OK! magazine she recently said: “There are loads of things I don’t like about my body. I don’t like my hair, my belly button, my stomach or my fingernails. She added: “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with cosmetic surgery – if it’s right for you and you’re doing it for the right reasons”.

Indeed, we agree with her. Since cosmetic surgery is safe and affordable now and if a woman will experience a reasonable increase in her self esteem and confidence, then it is something that she should definitely look into it.

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