Is mommy makeover appropriate for all moms?

As you might have read, I have been a big proponent of having multiple plastic surgery procedures together because I believe that you can save a lot of money, go through pain and suffering of surgery at the same time, recover from all surgeries at the same time, have risks all at one time, and I guess, answer questions only once from jealous women who would enthusiastically ask nasty questions every time you went under the knife.  Now, of course, as anyone will agree, this is a complex health matter and should be discussed between you and your cosmetic surgeon, but Orlando plastic surgeon Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani says that many women decide to take their transformation one step at a time.  He has found that for many women this simple program of dealing with one problem in one session gives them more comfort.

Image of Orlando Florida mother Vicki in hot pink dress after cosmetic surgery

Dr. Trevisani highlights the case of his patient Vicki (pictured on this page) who came to her for what is commonly referred to as the mommy makeover.  She told him that her abdomen never recovered its original shape and firmness after giving birth to her three kids.  Like any other beauty conscious mother, she worked out diligently, but the loose skin never went away.  Her self esteem was so low and she hated her body so much that she would not even undress for her husband.  Obviously that caused problems in her marriage.

A typical surgeon would have suggested a tummy tuck, liposuction and breast lift in one session and she would have been a new person after a few weeks, but Dr. Trevisani says that for many women that is not the best path.  He adds, “Patients have surgeries done in segmented phases similar to Vicki for various reasons. Financially, the burden of the upfront costs may be too great for patients to undertake all at one time, so for these patients they may not be able to afford having all their procedures done for one recovery. For some patients it is an imposition to schedule two weeks off from their careers for adequate recovery. Last, reasons related to high anxiety and nervousness is a contributing factor. Once the patient experiences the recovery process and realizes how happy they are, they are better prepared for the next procedure.”

Vicki was also more comfortable with the gradual approach that gave her time to soak in the difficult surgeries.  She says, “I’d wanted my tummy tuck and eyes done for a long time, but we never could afford the procedures. Now that I’m older, and more able to afford it, I didn’t want to hold back. I hadn’t anticipated having my breasts done, but after a lot of thought, decided I am still young and have a lot of good years to enjoy them.”

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