How did Mel B lose pregnancy weight?

For former spice girl known by the name Scary Spice or Mel B has lost plenty of pregnancy weight, 33 pounds to be precise, and like many other new moms who do not want to get too complicated about their weight loss program after giving birth, she chose a straightforward plan provided by Jenny Craig.  It took her just about six months to reach her goal.  As she puts it, “Since Spice Girls, I’ve had three adorable baby girls and you know what, as a mum it’s ok to ask for help losing weight.”  Exactly, because it takes a lot of effort and time to lose the baby weight!  If you are swamped with raising three kids, the last thing you want to worry about are what to cook, how many calories it has, and if it has all the nutrients you need.

Image of Scary Spice in a two piece bikini swimsuit looking as if she is suffering from anorexia after losing too much weight

New moms can’t do it all alone:   Mel B says that unfortunately many women seem to think that they can manage their weight loss plan while taking care of a newborn.  She thinks that even if you have to stretch your budget to do it, it is better to let the pros handle it for you.  She added, “I didn’t have to worry about planning healthy meals, preparing or measuring food or even counting points. It was all done for me and delivered – AND I had a consultant keeping me on track. JENNY CRAIG helped me take away the worry out of losing weight.”

Emotional well being after weight loss:  Obviously, apart from being able to go back to her pre-pregnancy outfits, any mother will feel great if she can lose the unwanted weight on time.  It is a great boost to her self esteem.  Mel says that she feels that instead of a tummy tuck or liposuction, the shortcuts that many celebs use, she feels good that she has earned her new body.  Maybe someone else provided the system to do it, but in the end it was she who made it happen through her commitment and hard work.  She joked that she can now wear her old jeans, the ones her 13 year old daughter Phoenix has been ‘borrowing’ for the past 15 months!  And just in case you wanted to know, her husband Stephen is “…loving my new body and has showered me with sexy lingerie. Girls – if you’ve got it, flaunt it to the man you love. Don’t lose the fun – lose the weight!”

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