How not to gain weight after liposuction?

For exactly the same reasons a woman gains weight after losing it through diet and exercise, she can also see the fat comes back after lipo.  Granted, lipoplasty is not weight loss surgery and no ethical plastic surgeon will do it to help you lower weight (the average amount of weight loss is minimal anyway), what is interesting is that people who have this procedure gain the fat back typically within an year, often in a different place and the type of fat (visceral) is nastier because it is more likely to cause health problems.

Obviously, if liposuction helps in only small weight loss and the fat is desperately trying to come back to your body, why have it?  It is a good question and you have to ask it before having it, but the contouring that you can get from liposuction is not possible otherwise.  So if you have fat in some areas that bothers you, it maybe an option, and this is where some research shows you what to do in order to not gain the fat back.

Scientists at the University of São Paulo in Brazil concluded that patients who engaged in regular exercise after their lipo surgery did not gain the fat back.  This is harder than you think because many women who have had lipo tend to make themselves believe that now they can take it easy and do not have to workout at all or not as much because the problem area is fixed.  According to research scientist Fabiana Benatti, “I believe that if one should choose to undergo liposuction, it is very important, if not essential, that this person exercises after the surgery.”  What she is telling us is that if you are not willing to engage in regular exercise the rest of your life, it is better not to waste money on lipo.

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  1. Exercise should be done regularly very true.We are fit and fine if we perform daily.Of course after Liposuction we should exercise daily otherwise we again get fat and all the money we have spend is in vain.

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