Does Lacey Wildd suffer from plastic surgery obsession?

At a time when so many readers write to me asking about breast reduction surgery to cure their back pain, I come across glamor model and entertainer Lacey Wildd (her actual name is a bit boring Paula Simonds, and she came up with the last name with two d’s at the end alluding to her DD implants at one time) who has L size cups and is desperately looking to be as large as MMM cup (I have talked earlier about a woman who went from MMM to KKK cups).  I did not know that they make brassieres and clothes in these sizes but she is adamant to have her way.  She is so obsessed with her chest size that if an ethical plastic surgeon in America refuses to operate on her for the sake of her own health, she is determined to find a surgeon overseas who will give them to her.

Image of Lacy Wild in a low cut blouse showing cleavage

Apparently, she makes a living from her chest by appearing at events for a fee.  In order to look great — after all she has given birth six times — she has already undergone many surgical procedures besides breast augmentation including tummy tuck, liposuction, buttock augmentation and lift.

I guess if you were looking for a perfect case study of body dysmorphic disorder, this plastic surgery obsessed woman may be it.

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3 thoughts on “Does Lacey Wildd suffer from plastic surgery obsession?”

  1. Well I assure you I am not that into going under the knife so you all know. More into the money I make from the results. But I do not have bdd. I have seen a Doc to make sure of it after all I have a small tribe to care for that means the world to me! @laceywildd

  2. Thanks Lacey, for clarifying it. It is great that you have no emotional problems and you are doing it because it makes you feel better about yourself and helps you make money. Good luck.

  3. Please you guys stop copying articles that are extremely incorrect. I am her daughter and pretty p.o.-ed at the lack of truths in these random uk based articles. Also you guys spelled elude wrong so it doesn’t look very credible or professional. When you want a real interview with something at least 25% true, interview me. This is ludicrous here-say. Why in the world do ppl think she is going overseas when she is not? And the doctor Alberto or whatever his name is, isn’t even her doctor.- Britney

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