Why did Amy Childs have a breast lift?

Amy Childs has had her plastic surgeries and can’t seem to stop talking about them.  Unlike many other celebs who either pretend that they never went under the knife or refuse to talk about it or try to find an excuse for their surgery, she is definitely acting like a plastic surgery billboard.  In conversations with OMG!, she said that she did it to feel good about herself and not to impress anyone, which is hard to believe because she is a television personality and makes a ton of money by appearing in ads and in public for a price.

Image of reality television start amy child in a seethrough dress braless

As any woman who has had breast augmentation knows that like any other big breasted woman, there is natural sagging.  That is why so many women have to undergo mastopexy or breastlift and that is exactly what she is doing.  In her case, her breast implants were inserted when she was just 18 and obviously with a lift, she will be back to her teenage perkiness with this procedure.  She added that she has been stuffing her bra to get that look but she does not like it.

Childs also emphasized that it is not a decision that she took lightly and repeated, “I’m doing it for myself not for anyone else!….If you don’t feel good about yourself and want something done no one can stop you.”

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