Gender reassigment surgery in Colombia

It is widely known that women in Latin American countries like Venezuela, Colombia, and Brazil are obsessed with looking beautiful with the help of plastic surgery, but apparently the gender reassignment surgery or sex change operations business in Thailand maybe under threat as well.  Notice, the face of Giovanni Rebolledo on this page, and while you must be wondering why does a woman have a male name Giovanni, the reality is that this is biologically still a man but with the help of an awesome job by plastic surgeons in the country, she looks like a gorgeous female.  Apparently, with a combination of breast implants, nose job, and butt implants, she was able to look like a good looking Latina so that (s)he could escape his criminal past with a sentence of 60 years in prison for all sorts of crimes.

Image of Colombian criminal Giovanni Reboledo

It looks like the Colombian cops are pretty good because despite the female appearance and clothes, they could figure out who it was.  The news reports do not mention what has happened to his male organ but looking at the face it is so clear that this individual has taken hormone treatment.  That face with not a trace of hair is result of a job well done.

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