Does gastric bypass surgery guarantee weight loss?

For morbidly obese people who can never lose weight through diet and exercise alone weight loss surgery is the only option.  This fact is so widely accepted now that even Medicare covers it and some health insurance plans are starting to pay for weight loss surgery of some kind.  Now, obviously, if things were simple — insurance coverage available — it might still be a good idea to undergo this procedure and hope for the best, but remember that bariatric surgery is also extremely dangerous and death is a distinct probability.

In other words, an obese patient really needs to ask this question: is it worth going through an extremely dangerous procedure if the weight loss is not guaranteed?  Dr. Hans Schmidt, chief of bariatric surgery at Hackensack University Medical Center is quoted by The Times as saying, “We like to say that about a third of people do really well, a third so-so and a third not so well.”

So why is it that just 33% of people see excellent results with lap band surgery?  The simple answer is that people who became morbidly obese had a very toxic relationship with food in the first place.  They were eating way more than their body needed not because they were crazy but because something else in their lives was wrong.  What this surgery does is to make it harder to eat a lot of food at the same time.  What it does not do is to change your relationship with overeating or eliminate your psychological problems.  Individuals who fail to take a wholesome approach to weight loss find that despite having a smaller stomach, they still manage to eat a lot of calories.  So my advice is that if you do want to try this risky surgery, get hold of a psychologist and deal with the fundamental problem of your poisoned relationship with food.

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