Lauren Goodger breast augmentation after weight loss

After Lauren Goodger lost weight through diet and exercise, she faced the dilemma that all women face: loss of volume and sagging.  There really is no easy solution to this problem since as the fat cells disappear the skin becomes wrinkly and saggy.  In fact at some point if you lose massive amounts of weight you may have to go through what is known as skin reduction surgery in which the cosmetic surgeon removes excess skin.  When you are young, though, the skin is more resilient, but it does not mean that everything will be back to normal.  When Lauren realized that there really was nothing else she could do to get her perky breasts back, she hit the plastic surgery clinic and basically got a set of implants.  Since she was already a natural D cup, she merely went to E cup, as disclosed to NOW.

Image of Lauren Goodger after surgery

Is this an option for all women?  Obviously, you need to discuss this with your cosmetic surgeon because the answer depends on each woman.  One thing is for sure, though.  When you lose weight at any age, you will experience sagging and notice stretch marks.  In some cases, some of the signs of weight loss can be eliminated by more surgery.

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